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An interview with tiya miles by The American Historian

Read the interview A Conversation with Tiya Miles as it appeared in the recently published spring edition of the The American Historian.

The American Historian is published by the Organization of American Historians,



Tiya Miles was on Michigan Public Radio’s Stateside to discuss the Detroit’s forgotten history of slavery detailed in her new book The Dawn of Detroit. Listen online at

Tiya Miles discusses ghost tourism and representations of slavery with Kaila Story and Jaison Gardner, hosts of “Strange Fruit” (NPR Louisville). Listen to Strange Fruit:That Ghost Was Not A ‘Mistress’. October 2017.

Tiya Miles discusses ghost tourism and representations of slavery with Steve Paulson, host of “To The Best of Our Knowledge” (Wisconsin Public Radio). Listen to To the Best of Our Knowledge: Uncovering the Buried History of Savannah’s “Ghost Tours”. October 2017.

Tiya Miles discusses the relationship between Native Americans and Black people on the topic of tracing one’s roots and Native heritage on podcast episode 88 of ”Another Round.” Tiya’s segment begins around the 13:04 minute mark. Listen to the discussion. April 2017.

Tiya Miles joined host Gerald Prokopowicz on the podcast Civil War History to discuss the “notion of the ghost tour” at Civil War sites. Listen to the podcast. December 2016.

Read Tiya Miles’ review of Ghostland: An American History in Haunted Places by Colin Dickey published in The New York Times October 2016.

Tiya Miles was recently quoted in The New York Times article How Clinton and Sanders Pursue Change, Academically Speaking. March 2016.

Symposium tells the hidden stories of Georgia’s coast More than 450 people attended the “Coastal Nature, Coastal Culture” symposium and had the opportunity to hear Tiya Miles’ lecture about ghost tourism and the “Flying Africans.”

Savannah Black Heritage Festival wraps up with lectures, storytelling, Ugandan Kids Choir. Tiya Miles honors Savannah’s civil rights icon W.W. Law on Feb. 18, giving a talk on “African Americans in Cherokee History” as a guest speaker at the W.W. Law Lecture Series.

Scholars explore how we shape Georgia coast and it shapes us. Tiya Miles is announced as one of the speakers at the Georgia culture/nature symposium in 2016. Her lecture will focus on topic of “dark tourism” and incorporate the actual history and retelling of an Ibo revolt on St. Simons in which the slaves chose suicide over bondage.

Tiya talked with Here & Now’s Robin Young about her new book “Tales from the Haunted South: Dark Tourism and Memories of Slavery from the Civil War Era.  Listen to her interview and read an excerpt from her newest book on Here and Now.

In a recent guest post on UNC Press Blog, TIya shares some of the slave ghost stories marketed at tourist sites around the South and argues for reverence, rather than caricature, of historic sites of slavery. Read Ghosts ‘R Us.

Scholar’s debut novel ties black, Native-American history. An in-depth write-up and interview with Tiya Miles discussing the upcoming launch of her first novel The Cherokee Rose, where she draws inspiration in life and work, the importance of family, and the role of history in shaping who we are. The Detroit Free Press. March 2015.

What Learning about the Earth Can Do for a Girl. Tiya explains her decision to create Eco Girls and how she felt compelled to address the connection between girls and the environment.  The American Association of University Women (AAUW), March 2015.

This Michigan woman was a conductor on the Underground Railroad.  Tiya discusses the heroic role Laura Smith Haviland played in the anti-slavery movement in Michigan and the Midwest. July 2014.

White Mayor, Black Wife: NYC Shatters an Image. Tiya was interviewed for an AP article about Bill de Blasio and his interracial marriage. November 2013.

The History of Belle Isle. Tiya was interviewed on WDET-FM’s “The Craig Fahle Show” regarding the history of Detroit’s Belle Isle park. February 2013.

“Who Gets To Decide Who Is Native American? A roundtable discussion on the NPR show “Tell Me More.” August 2012.

“The Genius of Dr. Tiya Miles.” An article about the McArthur Fellowship awarded to Tiya. BLAC Detroit. April 2012.

“Scenes in the Life of Harriet Tubman.” A two-part video interview on about using primary sources. Teaching example used is Harriet Tubman’s life. April 2012.

“Historian Chronicles Intersection of Native-American and African-American Culture in Old South.” Tiya speaks with Steve Goss from WABE Atlanta about the Chief Vann House and her research on Native-American and African-American cultures. February 2012.

“Toward Living Memory,” with Tiya Miles. Tiya speaks with host Krista Tippett on the NPR show, On Being, for Black History Month. February 2012.

“Native Americans As Slaves, Slave Owners In North.” Tiya speaks with NPR host Michel Martin about shedding light on the unexplored history of Native American and African-American slavery in Michigan. January 2012.

Native America Calling. Live radio interview on KTQX 91.5 FM Fresno, KIDE 91.3 FM Hoopa, KMPO 88.7 FM Modesto/Stockton. Topics included: What types of dynamics are exposed when “home for the holidays” includes bringing home a so-called outsider? Who is considered an outsider to your family? November 2011.

Tiya was listed in Ebony Magazine’s Power 100 of 2011.

“What these 3 MacArthur Foundation winners do is genius”. An interview with the Detroit Free Press about the MacArthur Foundation grant awarded to Tiya, as well as ECO Girls. Published in the Detroit Free Press, October 2011.

Tiya was interviewed by Tomeka Weatherspoon with the Kansas City, MO NPR station, KQUR, on the Central Standard show. (Segment is in the last 10 minutes of the show.)

“America’s 2nd Largest Indian Tribe Expels Blacks”. A radio interview by Tiya with NPR on why the Cherokee Nation recently stripped citizenship from a majority of African-Americans. Published on National Public Radio, September 2011.

Tiya was awarded a 2011 MacArthur Foundation Fellowship for her work on African American and Native American history. View the MacArthur Foundation announcement, or read the coverage by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal,, the Chronicle of Higher Education, the University Record, and the Michigan Daily. Also listen to the NPR All Things Considered announcement of the grant winners, and read the blog entry about Tiya by Professor Emerita Kathy Jones of San Diego State University.

“Scholar Documents Historic Ties Between African-Americans and Native Americans”. An article on Tiya’s scholarship and current Native American—African-American controversies. Published in Diverse, December 2010.

“Details of slave life under Cherokees emerge in new book”. An interview with Tiya on her newly published book, The House on Diamond Hill. Published in the Bay State Banner, September 2010.

“Researcher to have book signing during Vann House Day”. An article about Tiya’s research on the Vann plantation and her book signing at the Vann House. Published in the Dalton Daily Citizen, July 2010.

“An Interview with Associate Professor Tiya Miles” in the Winter 2010 issue of the newsletter for the Center for Afroamerican and African Studies at the University of Michigan.

“Symposium: IndiVisible: African-Native American Lives in the Americas: Tiya spoke at this 2009 symposium that aimed to bring visibility to African-Native American lives and initiate a healing dialogue on African-Native American experiences for people of all backgrounds.

“Slave Was on Her Own Mission”: An article by Mary Giunca about a lecture Tiya gave in Old Salem. Published in the Winston-Salem Journal, March 3, 2007.

“Ties That Bind: An Interview with Tiya Miles”: A 2007 interview by the Monthly Review.

Fall 2007 article about Tiya in U of M’s LS&A Magazine.

“African Americans & Native Americans — A Shared Experience?”: Listen to this podcast from a 2007 radio interview on the NPR KERA (Dallas) “Think” Talk Show.

“Historian finds shared roots between blacks and Native Americans”: A 2007 article on Tiya in the Dallas Morning News.

“Faculty Profile: Interview with Tiya Miles”: A 2005 interview that appeared in the newsletter of the department of American Culture at the University of Michigan.

“Minority groups urged to work together”: A 2005 article in the Michigan Daily about an event held by the Native American Student Association at which Tiya spoke about the need for reconciliation between Native American and African American communities.


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